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While Yakuza: Like A Dragon officially doesn’t have a release date, only a November launch window, a listing on the Microsoft Store seems to have given it away: November 13th. The Store has been a real helpful source of leaks in recent weeks, with info on games including Call Of Duty: Black Ops CIA, Crysis Remastered, and Star Wars Squadron. Thanks, Microsoft.

That date listed on their Store page has not been publicly confirmed by Sega, mind, but I would expect Microsoft to know because they’ve such a big deal out of Like A Dragon being an Xbox Series X launch game. And they are so helpful with leaks.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon is something of a fresh start for Sega’s RPG series about serious crime drama and goofy mobsters. Longtime protagonist Kiryu has retired, we’re playing as a whole new lovable wrestledad, and the action has gone from beat ’em up to a turn-based squad RPG. If you’ve been put off by the decades of history in the series, well, honestly you should go play the prequel Yakuza 0 because it’s a great starting point and only £15. But after that, maybe Like A Dragon would interest you.

A new trailer this week introduced the English voice cast, which is super weird to me after playing so many Yakuza games with Japanese voices. I definitely couldn’t play a game with a dubbed Kiryu, so lucky he’s not in this, but I don’t know if these have the Yakuza tone to my ears. Japanese voices will be an option, mind.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon is coming to Steam and the Windows 10 Store, priced at £55/€60/$60, I guess on November 13th! It’s also coming to Xbox and PlayStation 4, and will be launch game for the Xbox Series X whenever that arrives. I suppose we could now assume XSX won’t come before November 13th?


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