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The Summer Game Fest Demo Event will be happening on Xbox One from July 21st, giving Xbox players a chance try a number of games.

Summer Game Fest Demo Event Coming to Xbox One This July

Microsoft have announced on the official ID Xbox Twitter account that the Summer Game Fest Demo Event will be happening for Xbox One, running from July 21st until July 27th. This give Xbox players the opportunity to try more than 60 brand-new games, by playing their demos. It will work similarly to the Steam’s Summer Game Fest last month, allowing gamers to sample a number for games for limited time.

While some games may become more permanent demos, most will be only available for a limited time period for that week. They aim to have a range of  “somewhere between 75 and 100” demos to be made available for that week. A full list of games will be shared closer to the event. Xbox players will find these “show floor demos” on the Demo channel.

There have however been some games highlighted that will appear in the event, these include the indie JRPG Cris Tales, cult-classic Destroy All Humans!, the romantic upcoming RPG Haven, the dark sci-fi souls-like Hellpoint, action-adventure The Vale: Shadow of the Crown, ancient India set action-adventure Raji: An Ancient Epic; and the weird but wonderful adventure Welcome to Elk. Of course this is just the tip of iceberg with plenty more demos to be announced.

If you want a chance to check out all of these games and more, don’t miss out on the Summer Game Fest Demo Event on Xbox One from July 21st onward for one week only. This is pretty awesome as in the past demos have been limited to show floor events such as E3, this year of course being a very digital year, means many can experience these new games before they release in the comfort of their own home.

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