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The latest edition of stringent UK video games magazine EDGE is now available and it contains reviews for a couple of big titles some of you will have been looking forward to. Sony’s long-awaited The Last of Us: Part II is the highest scoring game in this month’s edition of EDGE scoring a 9/10 and Microsoft and Mojang’s Minecraft Dungeons, which is a fun game and available now on Nintendo Switch eShop, was given 5/10. Here’s the latest review scores from EDGE magazine:

  • The Last of Us Part II – 9
  • Crucible – 6
  • Minecraft Dungeons – 5
  • Song of Horror – 7
  • If Found – 8
  • Signs of Sojourner – 9
  • Winding Worlds – 6
  • The Procession to Cavalry -7
  • Maneater – 5


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