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I haven’t won since flowers..

I will say that unlike the previous few weeks, this week’s selection of pictures is excellent. Obviously it could’ve been better with a photo of mine, but i do respect these shots. However, the last few weeks were shocking imo.

I believe in my stuff wholeheartedly, but i do give credit when it’s ddeserved. In my opinion though, Conversations, Depth of Field, and the first run on TLOU 2 were wildly disappointing. The cover was a solid shot for conversations, but the rest were largely mediocre.

Perhaps my eye differs from the masses? Perhaps the selection process is inconsistent? I recently started conforming my style to fit Share of the Week, or at least what i believed would win instead of simply taking shots i deemed beautiful. I’m selling out and still losing, so i will post what i believe to be attractive with every shot. In-game photography has become a passion of mine and i believe in myself just as much as when i was winning. Scenery is my wheelhouse, find me on Twitter with about 40 entries per usual. No likes or 100 likes, win or lose, my stuff is good. Hopefully it gets noticed this time.

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