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@Heavyarms55 But they’ve already shown gameplay and it’s only been announced for a few days. Were you repeatedly saying the same crap when Mario 64 and OoT were announced? They were 3D to show off the power of the N64 and to show how much more advanced it was than the SNES. The console itself was even named to boast about its specs, it being 64-bit instead of 16-bit like the SNES or 32-bit like the PS1.

Assuming you were even born, was this you back then: “Ugh why don’t they just make another 2D Mario and Zelda!? I’ll take good gameplay over them showing off 3D graphics any day!! A game will either have good graphics or good gameplay but it’s definitely impossible to have both!” Seriously, grow up. Instantly jumping between worlds, a major part of the gameplay, is only possible because of the hardware. That’s what people mean by it showing off the PS5 and that’d be obvious if you weren’t so busy trying to be angry everything.

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