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Win a PlayStation 5 by joining the Daily Esports forums and being a superstar community member!

We each have a problem, and we’re each other’s solution. We want people to join the Daily Esports forums, and have a current +1 surplus of PlayStation 5’s. You want to talk about video games with like-minded individuals, and have a net zero of PlayStation 5’s.

Let’s help each other out, yeah?

Our sister site Daily Esports GG recently launched their new forums, and what better way to incentivize folks to join than to give them a brand new console? Between now and launch, commenting and participating in their forums will earn you the clout needed to win a brand new PS5 Digital Edition, courtesy of our forum masters.

And don’t let the name fool you — even if you’re not into esports on the whole, the site covers plenty of other topics, provides guides for different games, and gives you the best industry news focusing on the world of competitive gaming. And be honest — who here isn’t even slightly competitive?

We’ll choose our winner November 25th — if you’re in the US, we’ll ship the console directly to you as soon as it’s available. If you’re outside the US, you can still win! You’ll receive the equivalent price of the console in US dollars via wire transfer or Amazon gift card. We want the world in on this, y’all.

For official rules and participation requirements hit up the Daily Esports Forums contest page. Good luck, and happy commenting!

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