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This ain’t good. I guess EA needs a new game engine. Companies better beware.

They bought Criterion and destroyed their competition of Burnout while acquiring RENDERWARE. Thought they would corner the market on game engines. Lots of games used Renderware back then. Which forced developers to run from it to the Unreal Engine and its greasy graphics, pop up and bad textures at the time. But it was at least multiplatform and easy to use. And then, they bought DICE and acquired the FROSTBITE engine and milked that to death. Forced it on many games. “Let’s make every game a Frostbite Engine game.” Bad idea. Now they are on the prowl again. I wonder who they will attack? Here’s a good article on EA and when they thought everyone is for sale.…
You’ll love the quote about acquiring an intellectual property and milking it without the people unless they are willing to be upwardly mobile within EA. Pure slime at the time.

Can’t buy Unity. As far as I know, they’re still private. Don’t think they’re interested in Crytek. Their game releases have weakened the engine’s value. They can’t buy Epic. And EA underestimated them. They surely can’t buy Sony’s engines or Microsoft’s. Can’t buy Square and their engine. So, it must be more smaller companies that they can milk micro transactions on mobile and console. Beyond what they are doing now. There are no engines they can take that I can think of. But don’t underestimate this slimy company. Maybe they’ll go after Ubisoft again even though Ubisoft stopped EA and Vivendi from a hostile takeover. But they ran to Tencent. Lol. That wasn’t good. But it worked.

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