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This week Blizzard revealed more about upcoming Diablo 4 in their latest quarterly update, this time sharing more about the new open-world multiplayer areas.

Diablo 4 is A Multiplayer But Not Massively Multiplayer

They also talked about the storytelling mechanisms, which looks like it won’t be following Diablo 3, where character portraits delivered dialogue, but instead zooming in to show the conversations taking place first-hand. Keeping with the isometric feel for the simple interactions involving NPCs.

They also expressed they will be using real-time cut scenes, making it more cinematic but your character will show their current equipped armor, providing an immersive experience.

Blizzard also say they have been pretty happy with the addition Camps. These places that have plagued with the demon horde, however after cleansing them, they become outposts with NPCs and a waypoint. Players will be able to get a sense of the narrative for these camps from their visuals. One example given is that in one camp, a curse has turned its inhabitants into piles of salt.

Mounts while a practical way to get around the open-world, will also be customisable, you can add a trophy to the saddle showing to other players the challenge you’ve completed. I think this is a great feature as it will be great for players to trophy hunt, giving further goals to go after.

Blizz also addressed how multiplayer works in Diablo 4. It seems while you will see players from time to time in your towns, but only a few players will be there at any given time. You may also come across players while wandering out in the world. Probably the place you will see the most amount of players will be in the big world events. This is to give players more of a Diablo experience, as they feel too many players would make the game stop feeling like one. World events can include world bosses such as Ashava The Pestilent or defending an attack on an area.

These sound like some great additions but I’m sure fans are eager to see more of the game in action, before they truly get hyped up for Diablo 4. What do you think of the features outlined?

Diablo IV hasn’t got a release date as of yet but what we do know is that Diablo 4 will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One as well as the next generation of consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X). This is not really an indicator on release time, it just means going forward it will be supported on both generation of platforms. Our current prediction is for 2021. If you want to know more about Diablo 4 be sure to read/watch next Everything We Know: Diablo 4 All Classes, Skills, Gameplay, Lore, Open World, Mounts!

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