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The Desert

The first puzzle in the desert is getting past the Gang-Gang birds surrounding the corpse. Examine the Gang-Gang birds, access your inventory, and then throw the piece of pie you’re carrying at the them to be able to examine the body and get past.

This is essentially a small tutorial which teaches you how to interact with things and use items in your menu. Now that you know, I won’t have to be so specific with future instructions, right? But don’t worry, you’ll find everything you need to know in this guide to get inside the city…


The Car Park / City Walls

You will be talking to a lot of characters in this game, and certain actions are locked behind selection a dialogue option multiple times. Keep in mind that if an option isn’t greyed out, then there will be new dialogue to be heard, and if a green arrow appears, that means you’ve just unlocked a new piece of dialogue.

You can either skip through dialogue or listen intently for the story, but follow these instructions and everything will be okay…


Getting Ember’s DEET

  • Before you do anything else, head to the small hut at the back right of the car park and use the hand scanner to implant a U-Chip into Foster
  • Next, find Big Steve, the large purple Gang-Gang. Lure him with the Mini-Ks.
  • Walk slowly over to the electric fence on the left side of the car park behind a waterfall, and throw the Mini-K at it
  • Big Steve should drop the DEET, so you can return it to Ember
  • On returning it to Ember, she will implant Foster with a citizen’s ID

NOTE: There appears to be a glitch where if you scare off Big Steve, he will not return. Try not to scare him off by running too close to him.


Powering up the truck

  • Cross the bridge and head to the left to see a small robot at work – ignore him for now and focus on the fan and the coveyor belt
  • Use the Hacker and complete the puzzle again, this time swapping the forefulness of the power delivery to the fan and conveyor belt to make the belt go into overdrive
  • The rapid force of the belt will distract the robot, immobilising him, and allowing you to steal his battery
  • Go back to the truck and insert the battery into the front – it’ll be powered on now
  • Speak with Wendell, and he’ll be so happy you fixed his truck that he’ll let you ride into Union City with him.

That’s everything you need to do to get inside Union City in Beyond a Steel Sky! Not a simple task, but a lot of fun to be had figuring out everything along the way.

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